• Wir sind auf Schweizer Fernsehen!

    Wir sind auf Schweizer Fernsehen! We are on Swiss Television! My pj from House of Creativ-ity was seen in a advert made by, directed by Marina Isabelle Klauser und acted by Lina Maria Spieth.

    I couldnt have been more happier a small label like mine was picked up for a national advert. 

  • Jaipur calling!

    So finally I could visit my home, my family and also my new found family through The House of Creativ-ity!  Here you will see a few images when i visited the NGO which I work with. It was such a pleasure to meet the people I work with. It was such a treat for me! I hope you also enjoy the pictures and get a feel of  India/ Rajathan. Enjoy! 


    An article on a sustainable label of hand block printed Pj sets and Robes by Jesca Li.
  • We are launching

    We are launching "House of Creativ-ity"
  • House of Creativ-ity is born

    How my dream of hand block printed garments is finally a reality. Our Garments are made with love in Jaipur and designed here in Zürich. The cotton fabric is hand block printed with eco dyes in a small run all women NGO in a village near Jaipur.
  • Process of block printing

    The slow process of the steps of hand block printing technique