House of Creativ-ity is born

Realising my dream 

As long as I remember I always wanted to go to fashion school but that didn't happen instead I did my masters in Business. But I grew up sewing my clothes anyways as my mom used to sew a lot. She sewed dresses for me as a child, my school uniform, my pjs, saree blouses for my aunt and grand ma and not to mention pyjamas for my father and grandfather. I used to help her run our hand sewing machine handle especially when she was sewing saree petticoats and covers for the blankets. We still have that mint green hand sewing machine from her which she still uses to fix clothes etc. 

Rummaging through the heaps of export rejected fabric 

This was my most favourite shopping spree where in sometimes as a child I was allowed to go for fabric shopping by kilos to those export houses which sold export surplus fabrics. Here there were chain of shops and the fabrics were kept in heaps and sold by kilos. I still remember those sights of bright colourful fabrics and my grandma would rummage through those, measure it till her elbows and would know how much the fabric that was and what could be done with that. 

I absolutely loved that! Then when I grew up and later my friend and me used to go there to hunt for fabrics which we would use to make our kurtas, pyjamas, cushion covers, table mats, bags etc. 

In the world of sustainablity and fair trade 

Now if I realise it was a sustainable way of living back then. But thats how I grew up. Another thing we used to do was, when my birthday would come or the festival of Diwali then my grandma would take me up to her room and open her rusty trunk boxes and I was allowed to choose either a fabric or a saree or her old lenghas/skirts which I would alter with my mom's help and make them for me. It was Christmas for me. Most of the time I loved to make my clothes like that as no one had that print or style and I didn't like conventional shopping.

Now I see history repeating itself, I think we/I got lost in the middle a little bit with the huge influx of the so called "Fast Fashion"but people are slowly but surely realising the way of normal simple and slow life. I am/was guilty as charged as well. But now we are informed about the hazards the fast fashion is doing to our planet. But whatever fast fashion I have, I still use that for as long as it goes. I believe in changing my lifestyle slowly but surely. 

House of Creativ-ity

I have dared to bring out my little sustainable small collection through House of Creativ-ity. I am taking hand block printed fabrics from the supplier from his over production. So I will not be repeating them again. We are working with small family owned businesses and also working with an NGO from a little village near Jaipur and its founded and run by women and all the people who work there are women only. 

I hope and wish to get your support, love and critics, and I hope that I will be able to serve you with my very simple collection of soft printed cotton garments. Do buy something from me if you really want and use it for a long time. 

Thanks for stopping by. I would love to hear from you. 


  • …bin total gegeistert von den Pyjamas,welche ich auf der Blickfang in Stuttgart entdecken durfte und bin süchtig geworden und brauche mehr von diesen wunderschönen Teilen. Sie haben eine super Passform bei einer Größe von 160 cm und 52 kg ist die Größe S perfekt, mein erster Pyjama, welcher nicht gekürzt oder gekrempelt werden muss.Das Baumwollmaterial ist sehr gut und angenehm und die Farben und Muster sind überragend schön. Bitte bleibt weiter so kreativ und schön in der Herstellung.

  • Wow wow wow ich bin total begeistert über die Pyjamas, welche ich nun seit ca. 3 Wochen besitze. Ich fühle mich super wohl darin, die bunten Stoffe zaubern jeden Abend beim aniehen ein zufriedenes Lächeln auf mein Gesicht. Der Stoff fühlt sich super auf der Haut an, was kann ich sagen es ist einfach super bequem. Jedes Detail stimmt, die eingenähten Hosentaschen haben die perfekte Grösse, und auch nach ein paar Mal tragen, sieht das Pyji noch immer knitterfrei aus. Der Gedanke, dass alles von Hand geprintet und nachhaltig produziert wurde, die Frauen, gerecht entlöhnt werden, schenkt mir noch mehr Freude am Tragen dieser coolen Stücke.
    I am happy happy! Looking forward to the next colourful collection…. Thanks a lot :-)

  • Sleepwear: Beautiful quality, lovely details. Can recommend!!

    Gabriela Schneider
  • Ganesh Bh. Thank you so much for your kind and motivating words. Means a lot, of all people you know how long this was my dream and I guess now it was meant to happen.
    I hope you all are doing fine and are safe and healthy. Take care. Love Ity

    Ity Tiwari
  • this is such fantastic news. and i can vouch for every word written by ity. her type of fashion where she stitched her own clothes, where she aligns herself only with things that are right and always goes out of her way to create a better world. Creativ-ity – is so apt a name. If one thinks of creating something sustainable, the last word will say Ity.

    Ganesh Purohit

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