Wir sind auf Schweizer Fernsehen!

Me and my husband were just going to close our TV to go to bed and suddenly this advert pops up on TV. I started freaking out and quickly recorded the whole advert on my phone. My husband was like! How could you recognise the PJ, I was like! Its my baby and it has made to the Swiss Television. That is huge for me. 

I am so excited as a Pyjama from House of Creativ-ity was seen on Swiss television. For a small business like me it was a huge deal. So I would like to thank Marina Isabelle Klauser who is a Swiss director and a scriptwriter and who  is responsible for choosing my Pyjamas and making the advertisement. I would also like to thank the actress Lina Maria Spieth for rocking is so beautifully and not to mention jobs.ch for having made this advertisement. 

I would also thank Senta and Monika from Ahoi cafe to have sold it to Marina. 

I have been trying to locate the advert, I wrote to jobs.ch and finally I heard from Moritz Schmid who is head of Brand & Communication for Job Cloud. Thank you Moritz for getting in touch with me and sending me the link of the advert.

It has been quite an exciting experience for me! Is life not all about these little things and little happiness. I have got my Christmas present for this year. 

Here is the link of the advert on jobs.ch

Have a lovely festive time everyone.

You know if you need jobs, where to look, if you need a scriptwriter, a model and even a nice and cozy pajama. 

Keep well and celebrate hard. 

Love Ity 

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