Process of block printing

Process of block printing 

The process of block printing feels like a series of meditation process. One has to be very precise in putting the block in the color and then stamping it on the fabric. The work is progressed more with experience and the more you do it the better you become as "feeling" plays a very important role in the whole process. 

I feel privileged working with an all women NGO in a village near Jaipur. Here you see only women working from mixing of the paint, to printing the fabric to making the products.


Mixing of colors 

Mixing of colors


Different swatches being printed for HOC

Printing swatches for HOC


Teal green is always a good idea 

Teal green, a favourite of mine


The last straw, nice and clean and ironed 

Hand work


So, here you see snippets of pictures where in you can get an idea of what goes behind creating one product.  

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